Transforming Designs from Figma to Real Websites: Challenges and Solutions

Transforming Designs from Figma to Real Websites: Challenges and Solutions

In today’s web design world, there is a huge demand for tools that can automatically convert designs from Figma into ready-to-use websites. However, creating such functionality comes with numerous challenges. In this article, we will explore the main challenges developers face when creating such a tool and explain how our team has overcome these obstacles with Fiwy.

Complexity of Designs

Modern web designs are becoming increasingly complex and multi-layered, making it difficult to convert them into working code automatically. In Figma, designers can create intricate layouts with various effects, fonts, and animations, which are difficult to translate into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Diverse Standards and Development Practices

There are many different approaches to web development, which can vary significantly depending on the team, project, or client. This includes the use of different frameworks, libraries, and methodologies, making it challenging to create a universal tool for code export.

Semantic HTML and Optimization

Automatic code generation must take into account the semantics of HTML and performance optimization. Simply converting a design into code can result in incorrect or inefficient HTML, negatively impacting SEO, accessibility, and site performance.

Interactivity and Behavior

Many websites include complex interactive elements and behaviors that cannot be fully described in a static design. For example, animations, dynamic content changes, and user interactions require writing JavaScript, which is difficult to automate.

Cross-Browser and Adaptive Support

Modern websites must function correctly on a variety of devices and browsers, which requires thorough testing and optimization. Generating code that ensures such compatibility is a challenging task.

Code Quality and Maintenance

Automatically generated code is often more difficult to maintain and expand compared to manually written code. Developers may encounter issues when making changes or adding new functionality to such projects.

The Fiwy Solution

Despite these challenges, we have developed Fiwy, which successfully addresses these issues. Fiwy leverages advanced technologies and artificial intelligence to automate the process of converting designs from Figma into working websites. Our tool ensures precise and optimized layout, supports semantic HTML, interactive elements, cross-browser compatibility, and adaptability. Fiwy enables designers and developers to create professional websites faster and easier, making the web development process more intuitive and efficient.

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