Launch Designs Skipping The Development?

That’s right! You can create AND launch your websites using only your favorite web design tool and Fiwy. No coding, no complicated and time-consuming markup and development - no trouble for you.

Finally, all the sophisticated web design tricks and a no-code implementation for them.

#1 No-Code Converter

Once you’re done designing the interface, simply put a link to your web design file in the Fiwy’s Link box and watch the magic happen. As you label the elements of the soon-to-be website, Fiwy converts them into the corresponding website blocks and the HTML/CSS/JS so that you can choose between the block structure and code.

Design, import, convert: Quick and simple


Provide a link to the design file and click Import.


Select the website item type for your design elements.


Fiwy transforms your design into a website.


Pat yourself on the back - you’re ready to launch!

How it works

Fiwy frees your hands to leave room for creativity

  • Best for: web designers, small businesses, digital teams.
  • Efficient: Saves not workhours, but weeks of your time.
  • Flexible: Keeps every aspect of your site editable.
  • Affordable: Lowers production costs by a factor of 10.

Web design import
done right

Fiwy transfers designs on a platform of your selection - it’s faster and cheaper than anything you’ve seen before.

Custom development

  • $15,000+

  • 60-90 days

Handoff software + development

  • $8000+

  • 30-40 days


  • $80

  • 1 day