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George Frank
Test group user
I used other conversion apps and tested this one - I like that you can get the whole thing done without much meddling.
Tanya Guerrero
Test group user
This is absolutely fantastic, thank you! I had to change just a few labels and the site was ready in like 5 minutes - will definitely use it for my projects.
Cynthia Wilson
Test group user
Awesome project, I'm excited! Just participated in the first tests, it's brilliant!
Ruth Moore
Test group user
Great service!


1. Can I get the code?

Sure! If you prefer the good old code version instead of visualized blocks, you can select this option before clicking Convert or after it. Once you provided the link to your design, the system can produce both code and blocks.

2. How is it better than the built-in features in Figma/Sketch/XD?

In Figma, such as in some other web design apps, you can only get snippets of code separately for each element of your design. It takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to pull them all together into a meaningful code block (and we’re still talking about a single element). Fiwy produces launch-ready pages. You’ll have neat blocks (or code, depending on the type of conversion) that mirror your design perfectly.

3. Is Fiwy white-label?

The free plan adds the Fiwy logo in the footer, but the premium plans leave your websites intact - with no trace of Fiwy conversion ever performed.

4. Do you host my site?

We don't - you can choose the one you trust the most! Prior to registering your domain, you can select any hosting provider you find suitable.

5. Do I really not need to do any finish-up?

If you put everything you needed in the design, you don’t. In other words, everything you have there appears on your website. But if you feel like the website still needs something you could not possibly depict in the prototype, you may also want to add something manually.

6. What do I need to do to convert my designs?

First, put a link to your design file into the corresponding box and click Import. After that, you’ll see your design in Fiwy: mark the elements, depending on which website element they should become. Once you’re done with that, provide the link to your domain and click Convert. Boom, your site is there!

7. Any additional fees?

Nope, no hidden costs. You pay for the conversion, and you get your designs converted. It’s just as simple as it gets.